Ms. Einhorn: The Other Wonderful NewlyWed

Alonna Troche, Reporter
January 7, 2014

Born in Newton, Massachusetts, the World Cultures teacher, Laura Einhorn grew up always at dance class and piano lessons. As a child, Einhorn said she most likely wanted to be a dancer. She loved living in Massachusetts with her parents and her younger sister Jessica, and she misses the snow days during... Read more »

Ms. Buchsbaum: The Mysterious Chemistry Teacher


Alonna Troche, Reporter
January 7, 2014

Chemistry teacher, Nilly Buchsbaum was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, with two other sisters. As a child, Buchsbaum wanted to be an astronaut,  because she wanted to explore uncharted territory. For college, Buchsbaum attended two colleges. For undergraduate, she attended Vassar College, and for... Read more »

Fabulous Farrell !

Leticia Rangel, Reporter
December 16, 2013

Bob Farrell, King’s custodian, is an admirable member of King’s staff and so much more than our custodian. He has been a part of Kings family since its initiation, as his daughter graduated with the class of 2011. He’s seen the campus transform from a couple classrooms, to portables, to a new building,... Read more »

Ms. Moilanen: The New Speech & Comp Teacher


Geordan Scott, Reporter
December 13, 2013

Ms. Moilanen is the new to King. This year she teaches Speech & Comp for freshmen. Moilanen was raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her parents attended and lived in a dorm at college when she was born. “I was raised in a dorm in Western Michigan,” Moilanen said. She attended NYC  but didn’t like... Read more »

Mr. Kushida: The Newlywed


Alonna Troche, Reporter
December 10, 2013

  US History and War & Peace teacher, Jared Kushida was born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca. Growing up, Kushida had a good life with very supportive parents, an older brother, and a lot of really close friends. As a child, Kushida wanted to own his own restaurant or be a cop. Kushida is a big... Read more »

Mr. Mengis: Chill new addition to King!

IMG_20131122_135936_039 (1)

Alonna Troche, Reporter
December 3, 2013

Math and English Foundations teacher, Adha Mengis is one of newest additions to King. Mengis was born and raised in Washington D.C. His parents were born in Eritrea, Africa. He grew up with two younger brothers. Growing up, Mengis always knew that he wanted to live in a big city, so he moved from Washington... Read more »

Get to know Mr. Marta

Cintia Ortega, Reporter
November 19, 2013

The instructional aid and conditioning teacher, Yahair Marta was born in Colon, Panama. He lives in San Francisco, California. His wife and two children,  a ten year-old son, and a two year- old daughter. As a teenager he attended West More High School in Daly City. Mr.Marta went to City College then... Read more »

McNulty the go-getter

Alexis Espinosa, Reporter
November 15, 2013

Kellan McNulty is the loud teacher that teaches AP world History, and AP US History.   Many students consider McNulty as an energetic teacher and it’s clear that he enjoys what he does, “Teaching is what makes me happy” said McNulty. He also loves seeing that his students are proud of their... Read more »

Mr. Bording: The Coolest Physics Teacher You’ll Ever Have

IMG_20131115_153346_536 (1)

Alonna Troche, Reporter
November 15, 2013

Physics teacher, James Bording was born in Santa Cruz, but was raised in San Jose, CA. Bording had family that lived in Santa Cruz, so he was out there as much as possible since he loved the area. He enjoyed the rivers, mountains and more generally, just the outdoors. He grew up with two younger brothers,... Read more »

Mr. Vasu New Addition to King

Mr. Vasu

Geordan Scott, Reporter
November 14, 2013

Mr. Vasu is one of the newest teachers at King. He is responsible for teaching Economics and Algebra 1. “I was born in Holland and grew up in Ottawa Canada until I was 10. Then my family moved to the East Bay to a town called Moraga.” He attended college at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!!!). “I studied... Read more »

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