Susana Bedolla- Editor

Susana Bedolla is a hardworking student, that is part of the Senior class of 2014. She is happy to be starting her senior year, as well as taking on more responsibilities. This is her second year in the Journalism class, and she is taking on the role as one of the main editors of the KIPP King Roar. Apart from being in Journalism this year she is also in the Leadership class planning the school dances and Prom. She enjoys going out with her friends and family, going out for runs, and sleeping in on the weekends. In her last year at KING she hopes to accomplish her goals of getting into a good college to study Biology.

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Maria Del Carmen Villagomez- Reporter

Maria Del Carmen Villagomez is a senior at KIPP King Collegiate High School. She is someone who takes her education seriously but likes to have fun and be weird. A typical weekend for her is full of parties and then church on Sunday. Maria likes to get involved with her community by doing community service once in awhile or just helping out in general.  She was accepted into a summer program in which she is networking, and learning about science. She loves to listen to Banda ever since she took a trip to Mexico and likes dancing to Mexican music as well. On her free time or whenever she is bored, she likes to draw things that are realistic and nonrealistic. Maria has also started to include exercise in her life, and is living a healthier lifestyle.


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Jasmin Morfin- Reporter

Jasmin Morfin is a junior who is filled with goals that she is determine to achieve. She enjoys laughing and having a good time with her friends. Some of her hobbies include: listening to music or watching her favorite Mexican soap operas. She is one of the biggest procrastinators, but plans to change that this year because in two years she will be heading to the college of her dreams. She still has not decided where she wants to attend, but knows that she will make it. Even though she is not that skillful in sports, she enjoys playing any type of sport. This is her first year in Journalism and hopes that is becomes one of her new interests.


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Breona Johnson- Reporter

Breona Johnson was born in Virginia but raised in the Bay. Breona is a family of seven and lives with her stepmom. She transferred from San Lorenzo High School because she realized that the teachers didn’t care about her success in school, and in her family they valued education. At first she wasn’t too happy about coming to Kipp King during her 10th grade year, but these past few weeks have shown her that not only will she graduate but it will get her into a prestigious college. Her hobbies include helping decorate parties and babysitting kids. Other than that she often goes to the mall with her friends, and spends time with her family. In the 8th grade she received an African American Award that Alameda gave out to certain kids that showed that they had leadership skills and successful grades. After she graduates from KIPP she plans to attend Spelman for college then go into the military just like her grandmothers and father.

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Iyana Haynes- Reporter

Iyana Lanai Haynes has numerous nicknames that were given to her by family and friends, such as, Yaya, Yana-pooh, Ana, Lanai, New-new, Nanus, and Princess. She was born in Berkeley on August 31, 1998 and lived in East Oakland for about 2 years, she then moved to Hayward and has lived there ever since. Both of her parents are from East Oakland, as well as the majority of her family. She is African American, however, she does have White and American Indian down her bloodstream. Her family has influenced her life greatly because they always encourage her to do better and  do everything they can to help her have a better life. She has been in the KIPP family since the 7th grade and has learned to get used to the heavy workload and dedication towards her education. She is now a Sophomore at KIPP King Collegiate High School and hopes to continue her journey on with her friends, teachers, and associates.

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Angelica Gonzalez- Reporter

Angelica Gonzalez is a Junior at KIPP King Collegiate High School. In her free time she likes to go out with her cousins and her boyfriend. She likes going out to the movies, clubbing, shopping, hanging out getting starbucks and just talking to them. Angelica isn’t playing any sports at this moment because she gets out really late from school and she has a lot of homework during the week and on weekends she hangs on with family and her boyfriend. Angelica is always trying to focus in school and get good grades she has always been on top of her things even if she’s absent so many days. Thats something she is really proud of.

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Kitana Gachero- Reporter

Kitana Gachero is a senior at Kipp King Collegiate High School. She has joined journalism because she’s very interested in the world of journalism and might be looking into it as a potential career. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and walking Lake Merritt. She hopes to attend college in Southern California and begin her adult life there. Once you get to know Kitana, she can come off as very funny and very spontaneous.


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Keila Fonseca- Reporter

Keila Fonseca is a Junior who currently attends KIPP King High School. Her every day hobbies include reading before going to sleep and washing the dishes. She wants to join cross country so that she has a “sport” or an extracurricular activity since she has never had. She likes to spend time with her family on the weekends and with her close friends as well. A club that she recently joined is Social Justice, which is about changing the way the school runs in order to help others. Some things that she is proud of is, how hard she has worked at trying to keep her grades up to satisfy herself and her mom.

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Chandler Davis- Reporter

Chandler Davis is a junior at KIPP King Collegiate. In her free time she likes to hang out with her friends and family. They go to the mall, parties and hanging out on weekends and after school. Chandler has changed a lot from her freshman year and is preparing for college. She is determined to become a pharmacist. Being proud in the changes she has made in her life, she’s more focused on her grades this year and is making sure to attend office hours.


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Nataly Cuenca- Reporter

Nataly Cuenca is a currently a Junior attending KIPP King Collegiate High School. In her free time she likes to sleep and help around her house. When she is done helping her mother and the moon light comes out, she parties or hangs out with her friends but if it’s too late and she’s really tired, she goes to sleep like any other teenager would do. Another thing that she likes to do is go to the beach with her family and be around water when it’s really hot because she doesn’t like the hot weather. One of her accomplishments that she’s proud of is that she is doing much better this year in her classes than last year. She is also proud of staying on top of her things such as turning assignments in on time and not missing school as much as she used to.


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Ereka Yang- Reporter

Ereka Yang is a sophomore at KIPP King. She enjoys watching TV, hanging out with friends and family and traveling. Some of her accomplishments include winning runner-up for designing a building in Google Sketchup in middle school.


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Leslie Ramos- Reporter

Leslie Ramos is in the 11th grade. She has excelled in her academics as well as involved herself in a few after-school activities. This year she is the manager of boys’ soccer team, and is involved in many church activities. She has also been a part of the girls’ soccer team, and has learned throughout the years how to juggle school life and personal life. She is most proud of the obstacles that she has accomplished academically throughout her high school career, like when she was struggling in her classes she would be persistent  in order to understand the material. It was a challenge but she found a way to overcome it. Another accomplishment she is proud of was making the girls soccer team in her Freshman year and being a starter as well that same year. Outside of school she loves spending time with her family and catching up on her favorite TV shows.

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Geordan Scott- Reporter

Geordan Scott is a 12th grade student at Kipp King Collegiate High School. His interests are watching WWE, listening to music, relaxing and reading books. His accomplishments consists of the Midnight Oil Award which he won during his freshmen year in Geometry and the Reaching for the Au Award, which he won in his sophomore year in Chemistry. Also, he won the Wisdom Award in his junior year for his hard work and dedication in Spanish 2. Taking all of his accomplishments with him, Geordan Scott hopes to master writing news articles while being in Journalism this year.


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Leticia Rangel- Reporter

Leticia Rangel is junior, attending Kipp King High School. Her academics are important to her, however she also has other hobbies she thoroughly enjoys. Some of the hobbies she enjoys are bike riding, running and being outdoors. She is proud of the conservational work she does for the environment, in a program she attends called SCA.It is her first year in Journalism, and she hopes to expand her knowledge on the subject, as well as make an amazing experience out of it.


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Alexis Espinosa- Reporter

Alexis Espinosa is a junior at King and is determined to pass all her classes this year. She considers herself a spontaneous person because she likes to have fun. Alexis values her relationships and enjoys talking to her boyfriend Alex which is an important person in her life. He is her best friend and has helped her overcome several challenges over the past two years. Her hobbies include spending time with friends and family, reading books, researching colleges and playing soccer on her spare time. Searching colleges is one of her biggest interest and she plans to attend San Jose state when she gets into college. One accomplishment that Alexis values is helping her dad speak English. By the end of this year, she hopes to have improved her editing skills and credibility as reporter here in Journalism.


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Myra Alanis-Palomares- Reporter

Myra Alanis-Palomares is a junior at KIPP King. This is her first year in Journalism and she looks forward to getting more involved in both the Roar newspaper and school events.  She’s a quiet and shy person, but once you get to know her she is outgoing and has a sense of humor. Myra enjoys listening to music, going to the beach, and spending time with her family and friends. Myra hopes to improve her writing skills and have a great experience in Journalism.


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Kob-leej Moua (Ben)- Reporter

Kob-leej Moua (Ben), is a current Junior attending Kipp King Collegiate High School. He is taking two AP classes and his grades are a little below average compared to his peers, but that won’t prevent him from persevering through his junior year. He takes pride in his ability to play a variety of instruments some of which include: the cello, violin, viola, flute, clarinet, trombone etc. He is also very adept at other subjects, however often feels nonchalant about his work. His hobbies include running cross country after school and listening to music. Ben is hoping to gain writing experience from being a reporter here at Roar.


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Samuel Cervantes- Reporter

Samuel Cervantes is a hard working sophomore who works hard to succeed in order to help his family. He was born in Pasadena, CA and raised in Oakland, CA. He will be the first of his family to graduate from high school and go on to college. He wants to go to UCLA, Cogswell, or The Arts Institute. This year he is hoping to succeed in Journalism and is also taking AP Spanish and Chemistry — both of which he enjoys. His hobbies are hiking, traveling and cooking. He is very proud that he can cook and hike for more than an hour and a half. He is also proud that he has never flunked a grade. Sam hopes to be able to write good reports to show what he has learned in his school year as a reporter on The Roar. He also hopes to improve his writing and critical thinking skills.


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Cintia Ortega- Reporter

Cintia Ortega is a junior at KIPP King Collegiate High School. Her interests outside of school are playing soccer, attending church, and doing hair and makeup. She is currently trying something new — like journalism. She is hoping to develop a lot of good writing skills in this class.


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Nia Johnson- Editor

Nia Johnson considers herself as an average teenage girl. Her hobbies include soccer and dancing. This is her second year in Journalism class, and seeing as how it has become one of her main hobbies, she has become a very ardent writer and hopes to major in Journalism in college. She has lived in Oakland her whole life, however she attends KIPP King High school seeing as how the education system is better in San Lorenzo rather than West Oakland. Nia is currently a Junior and has to juggle her personal life, academics, and work. Nia Johnson strives for greatness as she continues to write enticing articles that draw in readers.


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Poima Maluia- Editor

Poima Maluia is currently a Junior here at Kipp and in her second year of Journalism. She re-joined Journalism because her first year was super fun and easy going and she hopes this year would be the same. She enjoys baking, listening to music, and going to the farmers market on Saturdays. Her favorite color is turquoise, favorite artist is Lana Del Rey, and favorite show is Pretty Little Liars. Poima’s proudest accomplishment was when she earned her drivers permit during the summer. She say the test was really hard and advises others who haven’t taken it to study for it.


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Alonna Troche- Reporter

Alonna Troche is a junior in high school at Kipp King Collegiate. This is her first year in Journalism, as she explores her desire to try something new. A cool fact about Alonna is that she has seen all of Johnny Depp’s’ movies because he is her idol. She also loves music, especially anything by Tyler Carter. She is excited to see where this year goes and if she ends up really enjoying the class.


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